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Oslo 7-10 February 2017

Wolfgang attends the prestigious Oslo Energy Forum: ‘The 2017 Oslo Energy Forum – Energy Transition in a Challenging World’ from 7-10 February 2017.

The Oslo Energy Forum has been around for decades since the inception of oil and gas production in Norway. It is renowned for its exceptional speakers and its high level attendees (by invitation only) and an intellectually stimulating program on global issues far beyond oil and gas.


Vienna 23-24 January 2017

Wolfgang participates in a panel at the ‘European Gas Conference 2017’ in Vienna, on 23 January 2017: “How will greater volumes of LNG impact European gas pricing and trading?

The panel addressed, besides the emergence of a global gas market, also related issues such as European hub pricing, Read more LNG spot potential and a potential departure from oil indexation also for Asian LNG supplies where an increasing portion of spot pricing can be observed.

Wolfgang further chaired a roundtable: ”The current and future role of LNG for SEE gas markets”, which brought interesting insights. Even absent direct physical access to LNG terminals, the price correlation of hubs would be felt on SEE gas markets, provided they foster traded markets and are sufficiently interconnected. The costs of the contemplated Krk terminal requires spreading over more than the Croatian market area.

Amsterdam 21 December 2016

Wolfgang attends the ‘Farewell reception of Gertjan Lankhorst’, CEO of Gasterra and former President of Eurogas. Read more He reciprocates on Gertjan’s courtesy of speaking at Wolfgang’s farewell reception in Prague in March 2016 and delivers a speech with references to mr. Bommel, a well-known character in Dutch literature with language peculiarities which Gertjan and Wolfgang keep using with great fun whenever they meet.


Paris 14 December 2016

Wolfgang attends the ‘Third IEA-IEF-OPEC Symposium on Gas and Coal Market Outlooks’ in Paris, on 14 December 2016.

The Third Symposium on Gas and Coal Markets Outlook was jointly organized by the International Energy Agency (IEA), Read more the International Energy Forum (IEF) and the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), in response to the call from G20 Leaders at the Cannes November 2011 Summit between producers and consumers on short-, medium- and long-term outlooks and forecasts for oil, gas and coal. A major aspect in the deliberations was the impact of the UN Paris Agreement 2015 (COP21).


Frankfurt 07 December 2016

Wolfgang delivers the keynote speech at the ‘4th Frankfurt Gas Forum’ on 07 December 2016: “The impact of the ‘LNG revolution‘ on European security of supply“.

Wolfgang recalls that > 200 bcm/a of liquefaction capacity is entering the market in 2017 and the years beyond. He points to the IEA WEO 2016, which qualifies this development as a second gas revolution: after the shale gas revolution now the ‘LNG revolution’. Read more

The emergence of a global gas market, with flexible supply able to respond to price signals and liquid European hubs capable of sending price signals, causes the IEA, in its “Global Gas Security Review” of November 2016, to change the definition of security of supply: A regional view is no longer justified. Wolfgang also discusses security of demand post COP21: Whilst the deployment of gas would materially and immediately reduce CO2 emissions, e.g. the European and, even more so, the German policymakers appear largely ignorant of these benefits.

Vienna 06 December 2016

Wolfgang speaks at the ‘20th Handelsblatt Jahrestagung – Energiewirtschaft Österreich 2016 in Vienna, on 06 December 2016: “Zwischen Zukunftsthemen und Versorgungssicherheit: Welchen Platz nimmt der Energieträger Erdgas weiterhin ein? ’Observations from a global perspective‘“.

Wolfgang points out that the second gas revolution, after the shale now the ‘LNG revolution’, is in the process of forging a global gas market, which also redefines the issue of security of supply. Read more He advocates the deployment of gas as a means to materially and immediately reduce CO2 emissions and achieve clean air improvements.


Cologne/Mülheim 02 December 2016

The Gas Value Chain Company and the ‘ewi Energy Research & Scenarios gGmbH’ consummate a landmark co-operation agreement in Cologne/Mülheim, on 02 December 2016.

GVC strengthens its quantitative and analytical firepower by consummating a Cooperation Agreement with the renowned ewi ER&S availing some 35 highly skilled energy experts for maximum client benefit.