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The Gas Value Chain Company joins Eurogas as the first member in the new category of ‚liaising members‘ on 1 July 2016

Wolfgang served on the board of the European Gas Industry Association ‘Eurogas’ for 8 years and was an outspoken supporter of gas advocacy. By creating the new category of ‘liaising members’, GVC was Read more able to join Eurogas as its first member in this new category, closely followed by Cheniere, amplifying Wolfgang’s continued engagement in gas advocacy.


Barcelona 10 June 2016

Wolfgang attends the “Eurogas General Assembly“ and participates in the panel ‘LNG – for a secure and competitive EU market‘ in Barcelona, on 10 June 2016.

The General Assembly of the European Gas Industry Association Eurogas was this year hosted by Gas Natural Fenosa in Barcelona. High level guest and keynote speaker was Vice President Maros Sefcovic of the European Commission. The panel Read more addressed the increased competitiveness of natural gas, not least fostered by destination-flexible LNG competition.


Mülheim 12 May 2016

Wolfgang renders a comprehensive lecture to students in the ‘Ringvorlesung Hochschule Ruhr West’ (HRW) in Mülheim, on 12 May 2016: "Natural Gas: Supply/Demand & Role in the Fuel Mix – Price Formation & Price Revision”. The lecture was succeeded by a pricing workshop, conducted jointly with Prof. Michael Römmich and Wolfgang.

In his lecture, Wolfgang essentially covers the entire value chain, with emphasis on commercial aspects Read more such as e.g. pricing mechanisms, but also price formation and price revision. The subsequent pricing workshop was, albeit challenging for the students, a great success.


Amsterdam 9-11 May 2016

Wolfgang chairs three panels at the ‘FLAME Gas Conference’ in Amsterdam, from 9 to 11 May 2016:

First Panel: "Sustainability: Is Security Of Demand Still Assured?

Second Panel: "The Future Shape of the Market

Third Panel: "The Future of Gas In Midstream Utilities

The panelists of the first panel (Sustainability: Is Security Of Demand Still Assured?) were Read more

David Carroll, President International Gas Union, Gertjan Lankhorst, CEO GasTerra & President Eurogas and Francois-Regis Mouton, VP Oil & Gas Advocacy Total & President, Gas Naturally. The panelists had a compassionate debate about the ambiguous attitude of policy makers as to gas: “When it is needed, we are called upon, but otherwise they rather want us to be invisible”, one panelist said.

The panelists of the second panel (The Future Shape of the Market) were Nick Butler, Visiting Professor & Chair, Kings Policy Institute, Kings College London, David Isenegger, Group Head of Mergers & Acquisitions Centrica and Maria Moraeus Hanssen, CEO Engie E&P . In the face of the oil price crunch, previously unimaginable things occur in the M&A space, e.g. the IPO of Saudi Aramco and Rosneft. The panelists considered this trend as only the beginning.

The panelists of the third panel (The Future of Gas In Midstream Utilities) were  J.A.F (Hans) Coenen, Vice President Corporate Strategy & Portfolio Management, Gasunie, Ludwig Möhring, Managing Director, Sales, Wingas, Klaus Schäfer, CEO, Uniper and Pierre Vergerio, Executive Vice President, Midstream Gas, Energy Management & Optimization, Edison. The panelists discussed the changed landscape of the business as a consequence of liberalization and unbundling. Albeit strongly regulated, the grid operators saw business opportunities but needed investment certainty in view of long amortization periods. On the commodity side, in the face of traded hubs producers would not really need importers any more, but might still be interested in bulk volume disposal service providers, which should be entitled to an appropriate service fee.


The Hague 13 April 2016

Wolfgang attends the “International Partner Day“ of the ‘Energy Delta Institute’ in The Hague, on 13 April 2016.

The EDI’s International Partner Day, chaired by its director Marcel Kramer, was hosted by Shell and featured a number of high level speakers Read more , i.a. Tatiana Mitrova and James Ball, fostering lively discussions.


Prague 10 March 2016

Wolfgang hosts the “Farewell Reception“ on occasion of his retirement from RWE and his subsequent resignation as CEO of ‘RWE Supply & Trading CZ, a.s. and as board member of Eurogas in Prague, on 10 March 2016.

The event can be described as an international energy event with high level attendees from all over Europe and bringing together three generations of oil and gas colleagues. Read more At the same time, this was the kick-start for The Gas Value Chain Company to become fully operational.


Nicosia 1 March 2016

Wolfgang speaks at the ‘7th Mediterranian Oil & Gas Forum 2017’ in Nicosia, on 1 March 2016: "The increasing convergence of the Global Gas Markets

Wolfgang predicts a bright future for natural gas for decades to come also in the context of COP21. He analyses Read more and explains the increasing global price convergence, a clear indication that a global gas market is evolving. He recalls that it would be beneficial for Europe if it completed its market towards a single traded “Eurasian Henry Hub” including Turkey and Ukraine.