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Brussels 27 October 2016

Wolfgang attends the ‘Eurogas Annual Conference’ and participates in the panel ‘The role of gas in a holistic energy system‘ in Brussels, on 27 October 2016.

The European Gas Industry Association Eurogas hosted its traditional Annual Conference. Gas Value Chain was invited since having joined Eurogas previously as the first in the new category of ‘liaising members’. Read more

This time, the Conference had  a strong focus on the role of gas in the future energy mix of an increasingly decarbonizing world. Wolfgang contributed in a panel ‘The role of gas in a holistic energy system’.

Düsseldorf 24 October 2016

Wolfgang attends the “BP Forum ‘Kohle, Öl, Gas, Erneuerbare – Aktuelle Trends auf dem Weltenergiemarkt’” in Düsseldorf, on 24 October 2016.

The traditional BP Forum featured i.a. the chief economist of BP, Spencer Dale, and the Minister for Economy and Energy from North-Rhine-Westfalia, Mr. Garrelt Duin. Various participants voiced criticism and concern about the excessive costs and ineffectiveness of the German Energiewende.


Düsseldorf 27 September 2016

Wolfgang delivers the keynote Anniversary Speech at the ‘Platts 10th Annual European Gas Summit’ in Düsseldorf, on 27 September 2016: "Recapping the European gas market in the last decade – Lessons learned and opportunities missed”.

The traditional Platts Annual European Gas Summit had its 10th anniversary, giving rise to a review of developments over the last 10 years. Wolfgang recalled the massive fundamental changes between 2006 and 2016, Read more not least the evolution of liquid traded gas hubs and the decoupling of oil and gas pricing. From the long list of events and incidents he picked selective aspects such as e.g. the Ukrainian gas crisis 2009 and the reputational damage gas has sustained by misuse as a political weapon, further the failure of the Nabucco pipeline to open a Southern Corridor of some relevance for diversification and their lasting (negative) impact on gas advocacy in the context of claiming a role for gas in the fuel mix of an increasingly decarbonizing world.


London 26 September 2016

Wolfgang delivers the keynote speech at the ‘3rd London Gas & LNG Forum 2016’ in London, on 26 September 2016: "The Case for Natural Gas Post COP21 and its Prospects for Europe”.

Wolfgang dismisses the erroneous assumption of a ‘sudden death’ of all fossil fuels including natural gas. Read more He elaborates on the abundance, accessibility and affordability of gas, not least in the face of an impending fight for European market share between piped gas and predominantly U.S. LNG with the likely consequence of low, competitive price levels. He further claims that gas advocacy should be reassessed and should, much more assertively, claim its place in the fuel mix in that it is instrumental in battling climate change.


Bratislava 19 September 2016

Wolfgang renders a lecture to students of the Energy Delta Institute under the ‘Fellowship on Energy Program’ in Bratislava, on 19 September 2016: "Paradigm Shift: The CEO’s perspective – Leadership challenges in a rapidly changing environment”.

Hardly noticed by the public at large, the energy space has been and continues to be subjected to massive changes. Read more

Wolfgang addresses aspects of leadership in a change environment.

Frankfurt/Mülheim 12 September 2016

The Gas Value Chain Company and ‘U.S. Energy Stream CMG GmbH’ consummate a co-operation agreement in Frankfurt/Mülheim, on 12 September 2016.

Wolfgang has been a frequent speaker at US Energy Stream’s exclusive conferences in Washington D.C., London, Nicosia and Frankfurt. Conform the Cooperation Agreement, GVC acts as knowledge partner for US Energy Stream on a permanent basis, providing professional input regarding conference content and structure. Cooperation on specified projects is envisioned.


The Hague 08 September 2016

Wolfgang renders a lecture to students of the Energy Delta Institute under the ‘Executive Master Module on Energy Business Management” in The Hague, on 08 September 2016: "Operating your energy company in a rapidly changing global society – Theory of Marketing and Branding – Energy Marketing Strategies”.

The energy space has been and continues to be subjected to massive changes. The conventional wisdom of marketing and branding Read more requires a hard look before you apply it to the energy business. Energy marketing strategies differ depending on which part of the value chain you are operating in, e.g. an upstream company would also have to consider host government relations management as part of its marketing. Caution applies in the retail segment, because costly lifestyle advertising does not work for energy.