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“Erdgas – eine ‘low hanging fruit’ für die zeitnahe Reduzierung der Treibhausgase” in August 2016

As a contribution to the Euroforum Newsletter published along the ‘22nd Euroforum Jahrestagung “Erdgas 2016’, Wolfgang discusses the implications of COP21 Read more , namely what he qualifies as the “affordable subsidy constraint” for countries absent grid parity of renewables. He demonstrates that immediate and material effects for the carbon budget can be achieved by expanding the role of gas in the fuel mix.


“Ölpreisverfall – Auswirkungen auf die Gaspreise und Relevanz für den Energiemix ” in July 2015

As a contribution to the Euroforum Newsletter published along the 19th Handelsblatt Jahrestagung – Energiewirtschaft Österreich 2015‘ in Vienna, on 12 November 2015, Wolfgang discusses the various ‘cycles’ that have been seen around price revisions in the context of oil and gas price decoupling. Read more

Whilst first, because of the enormous cash drain, importers were accepting temporary base price reductions, almost all long-term contracts now contained “structural solutions”, namely indexation to hub pricing. Whilst in theory, producers could now dispose of their volumes themselves, this offered a new business model for midstreamers as service providers to dispose of bulk volumes in the traded markets against a service fee.