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Prague 10 March 2016

Wolfgang hosts the “Farewell Reception“ on occasion of his retirement from RWE and his subsequent resignation as CEO of ‘RWE Supply & Trading CZ, a.s. and as board member of Eurogas in Prague, on 10 March 2016.

The event can be described as an international energy event with high level attendees from all over Europe and bringing together three generations of oil and gas colleagues. Read moreAt the same time, this was the kick-start for The Gas Value Chain Company to become fully operational.

On the Road

Nicosia 1 March 2016

Wolfgang speaks at the ‘7th Mediterranian Oil & Gas Forum 2017’ in Nicosia, on 1 March 2016: "The increasing convergence of the Global Gas Markets

Wolfgang predicts a bright future for natural gas for decades to come also in the context of COP21. He analyses and explains Read morethe increasing global price convergence, a clear indication that a global gas market is evolving. He recalls that it would be beneficial for Europe if it completed its market towards a single traded “Eurasian Henry Hub” including Turkey and Ukraine.

On the Road

Vienna 12 November 2015

Wolfgang speaks at the ‘19th Handelsblatt Jahrestagung – Energiewirtschaft Österreich 2015‘ in Vienna, on 12 November 2015: ‘Auswirkungen der Preisentwicklungen für Öl und Gas auf das Angebot und den Energiemix der Energiewirtschaft?‘.

Wolfgang explains that oil and gas pricing have decoupled and price formation by supply and demand have fully taken over at liquid traded hubs. Read moreHe regards this as a great opportunity to overcome the reputational damage gas has sustained by misuse as a political weapon.


“Ölpreisverfall – Auswirkungen auf die Gaspreise und Relevanz für den Energiemix ” in July 2015

As a contribution to the Euroforum Newsletter published along the 19th Handelsblatt Jahrestagung – Energiewirtschaft Österreich 2015‘ in Vienna, on 12 November 2015, Wolfgang discusses the various ‘cycles’ that have been seen around price revisions in the context of oil and gas price decoupling. Read moreWhilst first, because of the enormous cash drain, importers were accepting temporary base price reductions, almost all long-term contracts now contained “structural solutions”, namely indexation to hub pricing. Whilst in theory, producers could now dispose of their volumes themselves, this offered a new business model for midstreamers as service providers to dispose of bulk volumes in the traded markets against a service fee.

On the Road

Washington 16 July 2015

Wolfgang speaks at the “Washington Oil & Gas Forum” in Washington, DC, on 16 July 2015: "The European Natural Gas Markets: Attractive Target or Last Resort?"

At a time when it was not as obvious as it is today Wolfgang addresses the probability of US LNG targeting European markets. Read moreHe assesses the build-up of global liquefaction capacities and explains the European gas markets as an attractive target market not least due to its transparent price formation via liquid traded hubs and ample regasification capacities largely unutilized.


Mülheim 17 February 2014

The Gas Value Chain Company GmbH is duly established and registered with the municipal court of Duisburg.